Sunday, 23 October 2011

dipped in blanket diaganol EMO longboard.

Never got round to posting the latest longboard = 9'8" evolution longboard, designed by dennis hanson (dirtycrows surfboards) in florida. was in a gloomy place at the time of glassing so the resin job got a little crazy. I like it though, and at 16lbs not too heavy. Thanks to for the paulownia = will be back for more. Worked a treat for the pivot fin also = 2.5 planks in total, and all shorter than the finished board = diaganol is good.


  1. looks like that fin you made, the bottom area for sliding into fin box is made from plastic. Did that work or ???

  2. Still need to test it out so here's hoping so. Brad Tucker (wood surfboard supply) has tweaked the design since this early sample so mine is re-inforced with three stainless steel pins. Really easy to make up the fin with it, and a few others on T2S like them.

  3. 16 lbs. is very light! Looks like an awesome fun board, hope you're getting lots of waves on this one.